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Escape the everyday as you navigate the windy roads of Avila Valley and uncover the region’s charming wineries, all famous for their award-winning wines. Downtown wine tasting rooms, See Canyon and Avila Valley wineries comprise Award Winning wineries and wine tasting options within five minutes from the beach in the Avila Beach area.

Combine a passion for quality and a heart for the local area with a hard-working family at the core of it all and you’ll find the perfect beginning to your wine adventure– Kelsey Winery, a treasured cornerstone of the central coast wine region.

Just like the central coast itself, Kelsey Winery is uniquely special; its innovative focus on Avila Beach as an apple-growing region allowed the Winery to create fine Apple Wines and in turn, allowed them to boom in popularity.

The vineyard’s production of the “Golden Delicious,” the “Red Delicious,” and the “Scrumpy Hard Cider” embodies the true character of the Avila Valley; a sense of community, good apples, and even better wine.

True to the caliber of the vineyard and the family who runs it, Kelsey tries to create a fun and welcoming environment on their property every weekend with live music every Sunday. Not to mention, the winery serves as the epitome of the perfect central coast atmosphere for such occasions, with a gorgeous outdoor seating area and a brambling creek that snakes around the property.

The next stop on your Avila Wine Tour is Silver Horse Winery—a vineyard deeply rooted in Avila Beach’s history.

Located just a couple miles down the road from Kelsey, Silver Horse Winery’s tasting room is actually a 107-year-old schoolhouse perched atop a hill in the Avila Valley. Kick back and enjoy the scenic views on the property’s terrace as you sip on one of their fabulous and award-winning wines.

But don’t let the fun stop there, make your way to the seaside to breathe in the smells of the ocean as you sip the Italian style wines of Morovino Winery. Located seconds from the water, the Morovino Winery warmly opens their doors to those looking to have an Italian family-style experience. Not to mention, additions to property such a sunny wine lounge and gallery of local art make this seaside winery a must.

If you find yourself exhausted from a day of adventure, make yourself at home at one of the many lodging opportunities Avila Beach has to offer!

And if you cant get enough of the captivating sights and exquisite wines of the Avila Valley, continue your Avila Wine Experience with any of these other local wineries: Alapay Cellars, Avila Wine & Roasting Company, Cuvee Champagne Bar & Restaurant, Clesi Wines, Peloton Cellars, Wood Winery.

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